Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Wall of Jesus

For those not in class last week, we decided to turn one of our walls (all 4 being completely bare!) into a wall of creative and unusual pictures of Jesus. Of course, the first submission is the coveted "Chinese Jesus", which has been in our classroom since we began. Unsure if it is actually even Chinese or not, we've nicknamed it that and I have now had it framed.

Yes, yesterday I took that unusual picture to Hobby Lobby and had a guy frame it for me. I had to explain I knew it was odd, not in great condition, but it had meaning behind it.

So be on the lookout - especially when you travel - for unusual pictures of Jesus. Not inappropriate of course, but not the typical portraits we so often see. The Gold's mentioned bring a picture of them in from of "Touchdown Jesus".

I look forward to seeing what we bring together - It will be fun to have this "Wall of Jesus" grow and buildout over the years!