Monday, May 25, 2009

Classroom Needs

Calling All New Light Class Members!

We have been working on our classroom for, well, a couple of years now. We have taken care of many of the major needs (carpet, paint, wall removal, cabinet, etc), but we still have many items we need to finish it off and make it more comfortable and user-friendly.

Here is a list I started for what we need. We'll note the items that are provided so that we don't get multiples. Many of the items would be fine to contribute in Used Condition.
  • Bookcase (for bibles, Books, Past class notes, etc)
  • Christian related books (fiction, non-fiction, bibles, etc) - Mark your name on them and add "New Light Class" to ensure they stay with us.
  • 2 Curtains Rods (width: ## )
  • 4 Curtain Panels to coordinate with Room (height: ##)
  • 2 Single Switch Light Plates
  • TV Stand (nothing fancy)
  • DVD Player
  • Framed pictures of Jesus for Jesus Wall - 2 Provided…Need more!
  • Other Religious/Inspirational art for other walls
  • Ficus Trees or other plants/items to fill blank space
  • Tablecloth for large rectangle table
  • Sponges for cleaning coffee mugs
  • Dish Towels to dry coffee mugs
  • Masonry Drill Bit (to keep in the room)
These items have recently been provided:
  • Large Bulletin Board
  • 8x10 frame for that can be hung up for class picture
  • Blue Masonry Screws (a pack to keep in the room)