Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BPUMC Food Pantry

We had a visitor Sunday Morning explaining the needs and changes going on with the BPUMC Food Pantry. This previously small ministry has grown substantially over the past few months (averaging 1 new family a week). Each Sunday School Class is being asked to supply items for a particular group of items in the pantry.

Our class is being asked to provide Baby Supplies. We will have a basket in our classroom that we can have items dropped in and we can then give those to the pantry.

(I found all of the above at CVS for $1 each.)

Items to need to bring in (on a regular basis, whenever you can):
- Diapers
- Wipes

- Diaper Creams
- Lotions
- Shampoos
- Combs, Brushes, Children Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
- Baby Powder
- Pacis or Teething Rings
- Animal Crackers or other snacks a small child could eat
- Any other items needed in the caring of a baby

- Baby Food

- Formula